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Our Middletown and Goshen Lawyers Negotiate and Draft Business Contracts

Support your business with effective agreements

Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLP assists businesses throughout Goshen, Middletown, and all of the Hudson Valley. We can help with the negotiation, drafting and litigation of your contracts. Throughout the life of your business, you will need a multitude of contracts to protect your interests. Our lawyers tailor effective startup contracts during the formation process. As your business progresses, we update your agreements to reflect your changing needs.

Employment contracts and handbooks

The employee handbook may or may not be considered a contract with your employees, but in any event the terms set up important expectations for your company and its employees. The document also lays the groundwork for disciplining and terminating employees when necessary. Other contracts that protect your business and worker rights include:

  • Nondisclosure agreements — Prohibit release of trade secrets, such as client lists, vendor terms, intellectual property, and operations and procedures of the business
  • Noncompete agreements — Prevent employees from obtaining valuable training from your company and then applying their skills for the advantage of the competition
  • Executive agreements — Perpetuate recruitment and retention of quality talent in a manner that supports your business’s best interests

Negotiating and drafting contracts

Prior to entering negotiations, we prepare a strategy designed to reach your objectives. We then draft a contract that clearly reflects the terms of your agreement on such matters as:

  • Business formation and dissolution
  • Stockholder agreement
  • Business purchases
  • Property lease
  • Employment
  • Vendors
  • Buy-sell agreements

Our lawyers have a distinguished history of business litigation success. Our trial experience is key to devising effective contract terms. We always consider how your contracts protect you should a dispute arise as we negotiate the most beneficial terms possible.

Breach of contract

Even the most careful business may nonetheless face disputes from time to time. A carefully drafted contract protects your interests when another party breaches the agreement or your company has cause to deviate from the terms originally established. With a solid contract in hand, our commercial law attorneys resolve problems through mediation, arbitration or trial.

Nonprofit organizations

The goals of a 501(3)(c) organization are different than those of a for-profit corporation. Success is measured by the progress you make on a worthy cause, not by how much money you deposit in the corporate bank accounts. However, effective contracts are vital to reaching your goals and protecting your organization. Our lawyers are knowledgeable about charitable organization formation and support, including compliance matters.

Protect your business with effective contracts

Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLP negotiates and drafts effective contracts. Call us today at 845-294-4080 or contact us online to schedule a free initial appointment to review your business’s contract needs. Our firm maintains offices in Goshen and New City.


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