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Protecting your family in the wake of the unexpected

A serious injury can place a financial strain on just about any family. Even when the effects are not permanent, an injury still means medical bills and weeks or months of missed work. In the case of more serious injuries, the consequences can be life changing. The attorneys at Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLP, located in Goshen, NY, understand what injured people and their families are going through and strive to provide the peace of mind and attention they need and to aggressively assert their legal rights and entitlements. For over 38 years, we have had great success holding negligent individuals and businesses accountable, and fighting insurance companies to get just compensation for our clients in the Hudson Valley.

Fighting for victims of all types of negligence in Orange and Rockland Counties

Effectively pursuing personal injury claims and getting results that are both fair and timely takes a great deal of experience. Moreover, every type of case encompasses different issues and requires a tailored approach. The legal team at Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLPis equipped to handle a wide array of personal injury matters. We understand the unique issues each type of case raises and are ready to bring our full resources to bear for you:

  • Car accidents  Our attorneys work with doctors and other qualified experts to convincingly establish the full extent of your injuries after a serious car accident.
  • Motorcycle accidents  Those involved in motorcycle accidents frequently fall victim to debilitating head and spinal injuries that can affect their lives for years to come. We use all our knowledge and resources to help them obtain the compensation they deserve.
  • Truck accidents  Poor maintenance, driver fatigue, negligent hiring and a host of other factors can all contribute to truck accidents. We work hard to get to the bottom of these incidents, determine who is to blame, and secure the monies that our client’s deserve.
  • Construction site accidents  Construction sites are dangerous places. Fortunately, New York laws grant additional legal rights to workers and bystanders who suffer injuries in construction accidents.
  • Workplace accidents  Workers’ compensation benefits are rarely enough to cover the damages sustained in catastrophic workplace accidents. Our lawyers investigate whether our clients also have third-party claims against manufacturers of defective occupational equipment and tools.
  • Products liability  Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLP attorneys have spearheaded various types of products liability litigation and have built a record of success for clients injured by dangerous or defective consumer goods.
  • Slips, trips and falls  Property owners owe it to their patrons and guests to keep their premises safe and reasonably maintained. When a slip, trip and fall leads to a serious injury, we work to identify the cause and hold the responsible party accountable.
  • Wrongful death  When the negligent actions of another cause the death of a loved one, our attorneys are here to help you pick up the pieces. We have helped families throughout the Hudson Valley area, including New City and Goshen, recover the wrongful death compensation they need in the wake of tragedy.
  • Nursing home neglect  When nursing homes and other care institutions fail to provide adequate care for their residents, the results can be painful. Our attorneys help concerned families identify instances of nursing home neglect and hold negligent institutions responsible.
  • Medical malpractice — You trust doctors and other medical professionals to provide care to the best of their ability. When that trust proves misplaced and injury results, we hold these professionals responsible for medical malpractice.

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At Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLP, we are dedicated to the well-being of our injured clients and their families in Goshen, Middletown, Poughkeepsie & Peekskill. For more than 38 years, we have built a strong reputation as aggressive and professional litigators, earning the respect of insurance companies and defense attorneys alike. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to the careless act of another, call us today at 845-294-4080 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our Goshen and New City offices are conveniently accessible by public transportation and also offer free parking.


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