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Why Poughkeepsie-area Plaintiffs Need a Qualified Injury Lawyer

Our Hudson Valley attorneys maximize recoveries in negligence cases

The Poughkeepsie area offers a wide range of business, educational and recreational opportunities. But when those opportunities are realized, the potential for accidents and other types of personal injuries increases here and throughout the Hudson Valley. Since 1978, Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLP has been delivering strong results to injury plaintiffs in Dutchess County. If you have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence or misconduct, our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and experience to seek full compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In many cases, defendants, insurance companies and the lawyers who represent them want to close your matter quickly and cheaply, so they encourage you to settle without securing legal representation. Our diligent attorneys are determined to preserve your rights and aggressively confront negligent parties on your behalf.

Skilled advocates handle all types of accidents in Dutchess County

Whether you have been hurt in a car accident, a fall caused by unsafe conditions or some other type of incident, a seasoned Poughkeepsie-area personal injury attorney gives you the greatest chance to hold the liable parties accountable. We give each client the benefit of:

  • Legal knowledge — No matter what triggered your injury, we can explain what the relevant legal standards are. From there, our lawyers develop a complete strategy designed to maximize your financial recovery. Whenever necessary, our firm has the resources and network of experts to handle complex factual and medical issues.
  • Accurate case assessment — Our firm understands how seriously an injury affects you and your family. From the start, we construct a claim that includes each type of damages you are eligible for. With decades of experience, our lawyers can help you understand the potential value of your claim.
  • Skillful negotiation — We are not intimidated by insurance companies or other powerful adversaries. Our trial experience means that we are never afraid to go to court to pursue the best possible outcome. Because we negotiate from this position of strength, our firm has been able to recover millions of dollars for clients in favorable settlements.

Obtaining prompt advice from an accomplished lawyer gives you the best chance to achieve a positive result.  Our firm offers a free initial consultation so that victims in Dutchess County and the surrounding region can start the litigation process immediately.

Contact a dedicated Poughkeepsie personal injury lawyer for a free initial consultation

Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLP advises Poughkeepsie-area residents on personal injury claims and other types of legal matters. Please call 845-294-4080 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our offices are located in Goshen and New City and we are able to service all of Poughkeepsie.


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