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Products Liability Attorneys Advocate for Injured Consumers

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You use hundreds of products every day in your home, at your jobsite and during your commute to and from work. Likely, you do not think twice about using most of these items, and you probably do not worry about being injured or killed by your hairdryer, toaster oven, sandwich, elevator or office furniture. This feeling of safety is justified and supported by the doctrine of products liability. Designers, manufacturers and vendors of products are responsible for making sure the products they produce and sell are safe, and they are required to warn you about potential dangers.

Since 1978, Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLP has helped injured clients obtain compensation from big corporations that produce harmful and defective products. Our Orange County and Rockland County personal injury lawyers understand the devastating effect an accident has on you and your family. Our team works together to develop our legal strategies, so you benefit from the experience of all our attorneys when you retain our New York firm.  We also serve Poughkeepsie and Peekskill.

Products that can injure you in your home

You may have a valid products liability claim if you sustain an injury because a product malfunctioned, you were not provided with correct instructions for use, or you were not properly warned about hazards. In addition, contaminated items – such as foods and drugs – may also trigger a claim.

These common household products may be the subject of a products liability lawsuit:

  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Beauty products and cosmetics
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Fans and space heaters
  • Children’s toys and furniture
  • Pesticides and solvents
  • Lawnmowers and landscaping equipment
  • Building materials used to construct your home

Our personal injury attorneys review the facts of your injuries to determine whether the company that created, produced or marketed the product is responsible.

Workplace accidents warranting a third-party products liability claim

Certain occupations carry a high risk of injuries from the machinery and tools used in the industry – such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing and transportation. However, an office may also contain hazardous products, such as malfunctioning elevators, escalators or industrial or other equipment.

Defective automobile parts

A defective motor vehicle part may cause an accident or exacerbate injuries the occupants sustain. Our lawyers analyze your car crash to determine whether a faulty part contributed to your injuries, for example:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Brake failure
  • Roof crush during a rollover accident
  • Auto design that makes a car prone to rollover
  • Airbag malfunction or non-deployment

Even if you are collecting workers’ compensation benefits, you may also have a products liability remedy available to you. The lawyers at Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLP can advise you if you may be entitled to recover additional significant monies under these circumstances.

Obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries

Burke, Miele, Golden & Naughton, LLP is ready to help you recover damages on your products liability claim. Call us today at 845-294-4080 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our Goshen and New City offices are both conveniently accessible by public transportation and offer free parking.


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